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Transmission Repair

When your truck's transmission starts to show signs of trouble, contact Texas Diesel Services. With our emphasis on thorough inspections and long-lasting repairs, your transmission is sure to stand the test of time. Call us at (210) 729-5512 today.

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Say Goodbye to Transmission Problems Today

When your transmission begins showing signs of wear and tear, it pays to work with a company who values quality repairs as much as customer care.

Here, that is the exact sort of service we provide. From our in-depth consultations to our intensive transmission inspections, we always act in the interest of you and your truck.

With our services, you can always expect:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Cost-effective repairs
  • Fast turnarounds

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Our Truck Repair Shop Has Seen It All

Your truck's transmission is an intricate mechanical system that transmits engine power to the driveshaft. There are many moving components in a transmission system, which makes for a lot of heat and friction. This inevitably leads to a little bit of wear and tear. Whatever the issue though, we can always correct it.

We've seen fluid leaks, shifting delays, dragging clutches, and a variety of other transmission issues. We know the most common causes of all these problems, and we know how to correct them while also checking for other unseen issues.

A dragging clutch? That's no problem for us! We'll fix your clutch disk and make sure it disengages successfully every time.

The Mechanic's Recipe: Expertise and Equipment

For any mechanic to be a true success, they need two things: Expertise and equipment. One without the other just won't cut it. As you've probably heard from our many satisfied clients, our shop is brimming with both. We have the experience to spot even the trickiest transmission issues, and we have the commercial-grade facilities and equipment to correct those problems.

See the Difference a Local Transmission Shop Makes

Our clients aren't just our customers, they're our fellow community members. What's more, many of them rely on their trucks to service other people within the community, too. As local mechanics, we take great pride in servicing the vehicles of our friends and neighbors. We want their vehicles to run smoothly and be on the road as soon as possible.

The Easy to Schedule Transmission Shop

With our facilities and hardworking staff, we make scheduling repair services easy as can be. We'll be able to take a look at your transmission before it even starts to give you too much grief.

Save Time and Money with Our Transmission Services

Our expertise and efficient approach to repairs ensure that you'll save huge on labor costs. Not a moment is wasted when we're on the job, and we always repair transmissions correctly the first time.

Book Your Transmission Repairs Today

Your transmission might've let you down, but the team at Texas Diesel Services never will—and that's a promise. Call us at (210) 729-5512 today to request our services. We can't wait to show you what we're made of.